Trapper T-Rex (x3 units)


Weight: 301g


Target Pest: Rats & mouse


Product Description

Superior Rat Trap

With its ferocious grip, TRAPPER T-REX Rat Snap Trap gives superior trapping power for chemical-free accounts or special situations.

TRAPPER T-REX combines trigger sensitivity with the exact trap velocity needed to capture and hold rats. Its patented interlocking teeth make rat escapes virtually impossible. Safer to use than other rat snap traps, TRAPPER T-REX sets easily by foot or hand.

Its removable bait cup can be withdrawn, filled with an attractant and re-inserted without having the trap set.

TRAPPER T-REX has multiple uses – placed alone or in pairs back-to-back along rat pathways, wired above ground to pipes or rafters, or placed inside Bell’s rat-sized tamper-resistant bait stations.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 301 g
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– Trapper T- Rex Snap Traps are easy to use made out of plastic rat trap. Compared to other rat traps its easy and safe to use. Just simply place the trap along the wall or where the infestation is present.

– To dispose simply pinch the two end together and the rat will be released as well as the trap already being reset and ready to use. We recommend that you use Provoke a Rat Bait Gel with this device.

> Superior Capture Rates

– Aggressive, interlocking teeth for unmatched holding powel

– Perfect combination of trigger sensitiviv and trap veloci?.

– Extensive field and laboratory testing

Easier & More Convenient To Use

-Trapper Snap Trap for mice sets using one hand in one easy motion-

same motion releases dead mouse without the user touching it

-Trapper T-Rex can be quickly and easily set by hand or foot

-T-Rex’s removable bait cup allows trop to be fully serviced

without being set … greatly enhancing safe?. and eose of use.

Enhanced Versatility

-T-Rex can be used alone or in PROTECTA’ and PROTECTA’ Sidewinderbait stations, or can be attached above ground to pipes or rafters

-Trapper Snap Trap can be used olone or in PROTECTA’ Mouse bait station