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TERMITES DIY COLONY ELIMINATION BOX is an excellent professional termite control product for killing termites.  It controls all types of termites including subterranean, Formosan and dry wood termites. The bait with Alpha-Cypermethrin is completely undetectable by termites and once termites touch it, they contact, ingest and spread the termicide until it eliminates the entire colony.
Termites DIY Baiting system is one of the best INDOOR termites control products that money can buy.


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Additional Information

Weight 29 g
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Why baiting solution?
1. No drilling in floors & foundations.
2. No digging or trenching.
3. No chemicals injected in the ground and around your house.
4. No chemical exposure to you and your family.
5. Effective by eliminate termitrs colony.


What can termites do?
They will not stop. Unless you stop them.
1. They are a major structural pest causing millions of ringgit in damages and repairs to property owners annually.
2. Damage to the onwer. Building structures may pose a great danger to the owner or the occupant building structures can collapse at anytime without warning.
3. They destroy wooden structures, furniture, built-in cabinets, wood panelling, door and window frames, parquet flooring, timber skirting, roof trusses, boxes, books and even the piano.
4. They can also damage electrical switchboards, concealed cables which are mounted into the walls and cause the entire wiring system to short circuit.