Roach-X Bio-Repellent Gel 30g


Weight: 74g

Roach-X Bio-Repellent has been proven effective in the elimination of heavy roach infestations, especially they are coming excessively from next door neighbor.


Product Description

Roach-X Bio-Repellent has been proven effective in the elimination of heavy roach infestations, especially they are coming excessively from next door neighbor.

Roach-X repels cockroaches, kills them as they are contacted with it and seals harborages, wall voids, cracks and crevices. It may be used to prevent roach entry as a barrier placement.

It is safe to your kids, pets and the applicator due to non-toxic ingredients used. Friendly to the environment.

It has active white pepper, food-grade ingredient (similar in chemistry to Capsaicin which is proven to be toxic to insects) that combats roaches in three distinct ways.

  1. Repellency
  2. Lethality
  3. Harborage Elimination
Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 74 g
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Scientifically proven to eliminate roach infestation:

  • Kill and repel roach on contact
  • Eliminate roach harborage by sealing wall void, cracks and crevices
  • Prevent roach entry as a barrier placement
  • Suitable to apply to the greasy kitchen environment
  • All natural food grade ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for food-handling establishment
  • Easy to use

How Roach-X Bio-Repellent works?

Roach-X Bio-Repellent is scientifically proven to repel, to kill roaches with white paper which is similar to Capsaicin that has been used as an insecticide , to eliminate their harborage by sealing it.

Roach-X Bio-Repellent is made from food-grade ingredients.

One of the problems with traditional pesticides in kitchens is that they are rapidly degraded by grease.

Roach-X Bio-Repellent is formulated as grease. When applied to cracks and crevices, not only will the product repel and kill roaches but it will seal the harborages with a grease-based product that is very tolerant and difficult to break down.

Where to apply Roach-X?

Cracks and Gaps Treatment

  • Apply Roach-X Bio-Repellent Gel directly into cracks and crevices where roaches are hiding.
  • Roach-X should completely fill the crack or crevice, eliminating the harborage.
  • If the harborage is porous, Roach-X may need to be applied a few times until the substrate no longer absorbs the product.
  • If the product is over-applied, wipe off the excess leaving product only in the crack or crevice.
  • Apply Roach-X directly into wall voids, holes, gaps, around pipe chases and anywhere roaches are active or may become active. Product applied in a bead will keep roaches from crossing the area.
  • Use a paintbrush or putty sponge to smooth or press Roach-X gel into a film to form a barrier line.
  • This is effective when you have roaches entering from neighboring buildings.

Drain Area

  • Roach-X is not water-soluble and can be used in wet areas or placed in wet drain. For drain application remove the drain cover and apply a bead of product all around the inside of the drain, making sure you press is down to make firm contact in this wet environment. Replace drain cover.
  • Take care to notify clients that Roach-X Bio-Repellent is in use and that any accidental contact with the product is not harmful but may cause a temporary reddening of the skin and some a slight skin irritation.


Stove and Dishwasher Area

  • Roach-X can be used on or around heat area like stoves and dishwashers.
  • Roach-X is very stable and will remain in these areas for a extended time.
  • Roach-X will not melt or degrade in hostile environments.


Serving Area

  • In dining rooms, apply into cracks and gaps such as floor crevice and along the gaps between wall and wall skirting. Avoid areas likely to be contacted by food.
  • Take care not to apply Roach-X in areas where people or animals may come in contact with the product.


Instruction to put injector together

1.Remove protective end cap(A)and(B),

2.Insert gently plunger(C)into tube(D)

3.Slowly push in plunger into the tube to release gel contents.

4.Do not remove white piston already inside the tube.

5.Replace end caps after usage to keep gel from contacting others.