Naturiquid Liquid Vaporiser


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Weight: 68g


Product Description

  • Non-toxic
  • Safe to people, children and pets
  • Save money
  • Easier & more convenient to use
  • No hidden cost
  • Environmental friendly.


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Additional Information

Weight 68 g
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Mossif3 Naturiquid Vaporiser is non-toxic, with 2 in 1 benefits : natural mosquito repellent and air disinfectant. It is made with Oil Of Lemon Eucalyptus.

Instruction To Use :

Just Open The Cap And Screw The Bottle Onto An Electric Vaporizer Heater (Which Is Not Supplied).

The Content Will Last About 60 Nights Or 480 Hours, If Used At Home.

The Bottle Was Designed To Fit Vaporizer Heater Of Shxxltox, Fumakxxxa And Ridsxxt.

We Can Save Our Planet By Recycling, Reuse And Reduce.

Cautions : Keep Product Away From Reach Of Children. If Swallow Consult Doctor Immeadiately.



We Use Lemon Eucalyptus Oil A Plant-Based Repellent. It Was Tested Against Mosquitoes Found In The US, It Provides Protection Similar To Repellents With Low Concentrations Of DEET.

Mossif3 Naturiquid Inert Oil Consists Of Dipropylene Glycol, Which Were First Registered In 1950 & 1959, Respectively, By The FDA For Use In Hospitals As Air Disinfectants